Apr 08, 2020

Over than 3,5 million people of Serbia read Blic.rs

In March Blic.rs was visited by as much as 3.037.965 individual users, according to Gemius Audience official site traffic survey, and yet more another 471.000 visitors from Serbia, according to Google analytics, used mobile phones Blic apps in March


In March Blic.rs also recorded the highest increase in visits among Serbian portals, with as many as 29 million more than in February, according to Gemius research.

Even on a daily basis, the citizens of Serbia have by far provided the most trusted information to Blic proven information. Thus, on March 22, Blic.rs was visited by as many as 1.5 million individual users, with another 250,000 visitors on Blic mobile phone applications.

On the same day, Blic sub domain Zena.rs broke the record in the number of individual users in one day – 522,891 citizens of Serbia read the content on our portal.

The portal Žena.rs has averaged 1.7 million monthly visitors since the beginning of the year, while 1,974,942 users were recorded in March, which is 215,349 more than the second-highest score ever recorded, which was in April 2019.

Blic.rs was also the first choice of Serbian citizens on social networks. In March, according to official data, Facebook readers had as many as 11 million interactions with Blic posts and Blic site in March – twice as much as their closest competition.