We set standards in digital media

Our vision is to be a leading digital media company in Serbia

Success of our business highly depends on our ability to look ahead and to develop and implement visionary ideas.

Our industry is transforming rapidly, habits of our customers to consume information and to be entertained are changing.

At Ringier Serbia we strive to live a leadership culture, which inspires and enables the creation of innovative products while continuing to deliver quality journalism on an everyday basis. While we focus on our strong core brands, we accelerate digital transformation and push for an even stronger digital development.

Our vision reflects this strategy. The six values we have defined are fundamental for our vibrant company culture and guide us in bringing our vision to life.

Our values

  • We set ourselves ambitious goals, and take responsible risks and courageous business decisions.
  • We think unconventionally and create diversity.
  • We provide feedback openly and expect it from others.
  • We cope with situations before they become disruptive.
  • We express our views even if these are controversial and unpopular.
  • We have the guts to admit defeat and learn from own mistakes.