Jun 28, 2020

The Best Women – Blic Žena Event was held

In the last days of June in slightly changed conditions due to the corona virus pandemic, the traditional manifestation The Best Women – Blic Žena Event was held in which we celebrate heroines who do not know about obstacles, achieve extraordinary success, fight for children’s education, women’s health…


Last March the pandemic of the new corona virus prevented us from holding the traditional manifestation of the Best Women – Blic Žena. This time with respect to all protection measures the awards for “special women for 2019” were distributed. And although there were no handshakes, hugs, kisses and congratulations, keeping the physical distance was overcome by emotions caused by the stories of each “best woman”.


Beograd 23.06.2020, blic zena, naj zena, dodela nagrada, hotel Mona RAS foto Milan Ilic

They are heroines. They don’t know about obstacles – they know how to achieve extraordinary successes that even the world has heard about. They know how to fight for the education of children, for women’s health, for parenthood, to go down into mining pits and work hard in the fields. Their stories elicit both smiles and show in the most subtle way how the greatest sadness turns into humanity and help to others. They are pushing society forward just like that silently.


In the last days of June, according to the choice of the editorial board and the readers of Blic Žena, Serbia met the “Best Women for 2019” and the entire public deserves to know about them.
Today the society is filled with rules. One of those rules is to wear masks, to be socially distanced, but all those rules did not spoil our basic mission and that is to be here today on behalf of those exceptional women who marked last year and who have joined a plethora of remarkable women who will mark the years to come. We live in times when being brave and being a hero may be more necessary than ever. I can only congratulate everyone from the bottom of my heart and say that I am sorry that this time our Best Women are not in the alongside their families, friends and associates who would share this success with them. But I am also sure that the editorial board of “Blic Žena” will place the award very nicely in the media so that you can show the complete video to all people you find close. I would like to thank everyone who are with us tonight and please, take care of your health , said Sreten Radović, Publishing Director of Ringier Axel Springer Serbia, who presented one of the awards.

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