Jun 17, 2022

The best Blic entrepreneurs declared: Heroes of micro business


On 17 June, in MTS hall in Belgrade, the selection of the best Blic entrepreneurs “Heroes of micro business” was held, and this traditional event that promotes, strengthens, and supports entrepreneurial spirit, with the emphasis on small businesses in Serbia, has been conducted for 12 years now.



The professional jury, consisting of the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, 3 Bank, Blic Biznis, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, started the selection with 100 brilliant entrepreneurial success stories, and got to the finals with five of them: Ravogorac Meze Shop, Marko Stojanović, Guča, Milić MPD Zrenjanin, Kvalitet Stamenković, Svrljig, and Mimi Produkt 2017 Novi Pazar.

The jury selected the finalists on the basis of the jointly predetermined criteria: maximum five employees, that by starting up their business they created jobs for themselves, that their families are involved in their small business, that owing to that business they made a difference in the quality of life of their families and themselves, and investment in the development of that business.

The “Heroes of micro business” campaign itself was launched with the intent to promote, strengthen, and support entrepreneurial spirit, with the emphasis on small businesses in Serbia. The awards that were presented are there as an incentive for further work, but also as a good example and motive to all the others who wish to test the entrepreneurial waters.

The declaration of the winners of the “Heroes of micro business” competition was, among others, attended by the minister of finance in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Siniša Mali, the President of the Executive Board of 3 Bank, Vladimir Vukotić, and Branka Simanić from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

The family firm from Svrljig Kvalitet Stamenković, which is engaged in the manufacture of phyllo pastry and ribbon pasta, was declared as the best entrepreneur and won RSD 500,000. The entrepreneur shop Marko Stojanović, Guča, the activity of which is forging and manufacture of metal objects and furniture, took the second place and RSD 300,000, and the third award and RSD 200,000 went to Ravnogorac Meze Shop from Mionica, which produces smoked and cured meats.



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