Dec 25, 2020

People Awards 2020: Prestigious awards given to employees

People Awards is a very important company event in our international media group Ringier Axel Springer Media, which operates in Eastern and Central Europe. This award ceremony for employees highlights the best individuals and teams, and we also celebrated it in this unusual year!


Employees nominate their colleagues, who they think have had the best achievements, projects and initiatives, and then vote for them in the following categories: The Storyteller, The Moneymaker, The Changemaker for Good, The Innovator, The Team, The RAS Colleague and The APM Colleague.


And those who were laureates this year and recognized by others for their success, commitment, positive changes and examples to follow in this challenging time are:


THE CHANGEMAKER FOR GOOD – Award for a person who takes action privately or professionally for sustainable development, good for people and the planet, who has the courage, passion and strength to make a change for themselves or to inspire others. PETAR LAZIĆ, Blic Sports Journalist, along with his brother, co-founded a small humanitarian organization “Good Luck Score” in 2014, which has been helping socially disadvantaged families with the focus on children who live in difficult conditions. Both Petar and his brother are journalists in our sports section of Hardly adults at the time of foundation, they accomplished to gather a large number of young people who, through this organization, managed to raise several million dinars which helped growing up of impoverished children in Serbia and in the region. “Good Luck Score” operates through transparent donations being collected at big sporting events in the city, like a traditional basketball game, which gathers several thousand people in Kalemegdan each year, but also in meetings held every Thursday in Sremčica, where humanitarians socialize by playing basketball.



THE MONEYMAKER –  Award for building competitive advantage of Ringier Axel Springer Serbia for an individual/team that has taken care of the company’s income and/or its diversification. ALEKSANDAR BUBONJA, Key Account Manager is known for plenty of creative ideas, but also for his persistence and endurance. Aleksandar has been achieving excellent results in the industries that he is responsible for in times of COVID crises. One of his major projects this year was the “Weekend Tour”. The idea was to enable all interested visitors to see the real estate they were interested in, taking them from their home to a particular flat or house, at the moment when the economy has stagnated.

THE STORYTELLER – was gave for the best journalistic material – the award for the author(s) of the article, interview, story that was created and published in our media, has gained great recognition of readers and publicity in other media.  As a young journalist, MILICA MARKOVIĆ, Blic Journalist, was very brave to enter Serbian hospitals in the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, to visit patients who were in the most serious condition and convey the reality of medical workers’ fight for lives to the public, but also, to assure the public about the severity of the disease which nobody is resistant to.


THE APM AND RAS COLLEAGUE – awards are for the exceptional colleague who promotes a system of values for commitment, trust, kindness, support and respect in APM Print and Ringier Axel Springer. THE RAS COLLEAGUE is VLADIMIR RADAKOVIĆ, Technical Assistant in Media Impact team. He is a diligent and dedicated worker. He is friendly and kind to his colleagues, who have only nice words about him. Vladimir is known for his patience and very strong work ethic, always willing to assist everyone.



DEJAN MILENKOVIĆ,  Production Preparation Operator, won the award THE APM COLLEAGUE. What sets Dejan apart from everyone else in this difficult year, marked by the Covid pandemic, is his humanity and willingness to help everyone in need, professionally and personally (as for instance he’s been driving home colleagues who don’t have transportation after work). Aware of his work-related duties, he performs them adequately, without additional explanations or reminders. Curious, always adopting new skills and knowledge, Dejan initiates the usage of new tools that make our working process easier and more efficient.


THE TEAM – Award for an inter-departmental team that is focused on and promotes cooperation between individual departments in Ringier Axel Springer Serbia. The team of this year is SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TEAM (NEMANJA OGNJANOVIĆ, BRANISLAV ĆUK, GORAN PERIĆ, IGOR ĐURIĆ, NEBOJŠA KOZLOVAČKI, ZORAN KUČEKOVIĆ, NEVENA MILENKOVIĆ, GORAN NEŠKOVIĆ i NIKOLA TRAJKOVIĆ). This team has been managing the software development of the almost complete digital portfolio of Ringier Axel Springer Serbia along with helping other colleagues from other departments like Editorial and Media Impact. Team of seasoned developers who stick together and spearhead our digital transformation by taking on themselves any job which is required to get things done.
It is certainly worth mentioning that this team has been working remotely since February and their colleagues across various departments still have the feeling that the software development team has been close to them.

THE INNOVATOR – For an individual/team that has implemented an innovation or introduced a change that has a positive impact on the company’s activity and increased its competitiveness on the market in any area – process, technological, marketing, product, organizational, etc was won by VLADIMIR FILIPOVIĆ, Assistant to Video Editor who has created the best template for editing shorties at the beginning of 2020, which is being continuously used and has proved the process of making shorties much more efficient both in terms of speed and quality. Vlada has instructed young journalists how to write for this format and how to prepare it fast. Given the fact that shorties are a video format with high viewing rates on all our websites, which also has a large number of subscriptions in paid content, it has had a tremendous impact on the efficiency of the whole team.


In line with the circumstances, this year’s People Awards 2020 – Home Edition was held online, when employees were greeted by CEO Ringier Axel Springer Media MARK DEKAN, COO Ringier Axel Springer Media JOVAN PROTIĆ, CEO Ringier MARC WALDER and JAN BAYER Chairman of the Supervisory Board Ringier Axel Springer Media, President International News Media & Marketplaces Axel Springer.

CEO Ringier Axel Springer Serbia JELENA DRAKULIĆ PETROVIĆ in the studio awards and prizes to the winners with the prescribed measures of social distance, and the official part of the program led by Corporate Communications Manager BEBA DRAGIĆ, ended with an online concert for all employees one of the largest Serbian singing stars.



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