Apr 08, 2020

Paid Content Project: For the first month Blic premium exceeded expectations

For the first month since the launching of the project Blic premium at www.blic.rs, which provides exclusivity in the access to the content of all online and print editions of Ringier Axel Springer Serbia to online users on foreign markets, the results exceeded plans and expectations because as of 2nd March with this day included the four-month plan has already been achieved.

In the first 30 days, Blic premium gained almost seven times as many as planned for the first month. To the greatest extent  subscribers choose IOS application while the rest of them come via Android devices and desktop versions of the website www.blic.rs

Blic premium in three different packages enables unlimited access to portals Blic.rs, Sport.blic.rs, Zena.rs. Apart from that, the package includes access to comic books of Marko Somborac, online video formats, premieres of “Polygraph” and other auteur TV shows.

Within Blic premium, also, there is the option Read to me (audio version of the article you opened), and you also have access to all printed issues of Blic, political weekly NIN, women weekly Blic žena, as well as all other our editions via Bookshelf platform.


Ivan Krstić, Development director


The project is the result of joint efforts of the Serbian Development team led by director Ivan Krstić from RAS Serbia and the team behind a comprehensive digital publishing platform Ring Publishing, used by 800 journalists in 11 countries. Thanks to the Text-to-speech capabilities of the platform, texts can be automatically transformed and presented as audio content. Everything is seamlessly coordinated with login and payment options both on the Website and in the Mobile App.

The editorial team consists of four amazing young female editors from RAS Serbia lead by the editor-in-chief of Paid content and print edition of Blic Predrag Mihailović.


Editor-in-chief of Paid content and print edition of Blic Predrag Mihailović

-The fact that we are the first among the Serbian media to enter the world of paid content for online as well as the great start which this project has had, shows that we have a great ratio of journalistic and technological knowledge within the company, which creates new business value, said editor-in-chief of Paid content and print edition of Blic Predrag Mihailović.