Oct 28, 2019

In celebration of Boris Trivan and engaged fashion, the NOIZZ Fashion Award Boris Trivan finals were held

NOIZZ Fashion Award, which from this year bears the name of prematurely deceased editor, Boris Trivan, with the idea to preserve his views on creativity and engaged fashion, was held over the weekend in Belgrade


Ten finalists – students, graduates and undergraduates of fashion design from the country and the region, presented their vision of the symbiosis of the digital age and the human primal need for harmony with nature, on the topic of Frequency, using the upcycling technique, i.e. the transformation of the old into new and sustainable materials.

Noizz Fashion Award Boris Trivan winner, Bogdan Mrsa, who focused on garment made of cork and textile waste, was awarded with a visit to the prestigious London Fashion Week.

At the awards, Jovan Protic – COO at Onet RAS Polska Group/ Board member and Group Director- Digital Publishing at Ringier Axel Springer, as well as Galeb Nikacevic Hasci Jare – the editor-in-chief of NOIZZ, talked about the importance of sustainable fashion, support for young designers and Generation Z.

“At NOIZZ, we believe that the entire fashion world is moving towards a change towards engaged fashion. In the world, companies are trying to move towards better capitalism, social engagement, global warming and environmental change, and profit as the basis of business is not always the only goal”, said Jovan Protic, COO at Onet RAS Polska Group/ Board member and Group Director- Digital Publishing at Ringier Axel Springer AG, and then he added:

“One of the pioneers of the idea about NOIZZ and someone who instilled a spirit of socially responsible behavior and interest in fashion and creativity in our company was our colleague Boris Trivan. I believe that the very fact that this award will carry the name of Boris Trivan from this year will give even more importance to this idea and the award, and will show the importance of giving young people a chance in the world of fashion in Serbia”


In addition to a large number of public figures from Serbia, NOIZZ Fashion Award Boris Trivan was attended by Nina Stojkovic, the sister of Boris Trivan, who came together with her husband Vladimir and children Vanja and Nikola, as well as Sreten Radovic, publishing director at Ringier Axel Springer Serbia and Martyna Majchrzak, digital publishing director at Ringier Axel Springer Media AG.

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