Dec 18, 2019

“Blic žena“ celebrated its 15th birthday

A glorious celebration for the most widely read magazine in Serbia

When “Blic žena” celebrates its anniversary, people talk about it for days. The editorial board of the most widely read magazine in Serbia celebrated its anniversary in the elegant and spectacular atmosphere of the building of Geozavod in Belgrade. More than two hundred guests brought to her joy, loyalty and optimism as a gift, which is exactly what “Blic žena” has been giving them in the previous years. The birthday party brought together many celebrities, friends and associates of the editorial staff. The evening was full of surprises, and one of them was also a fantastic performance by Lena Kovačević.

This was also a wonderful opportunity to flip through albums with old pictures and to remind ourselves of the successes that pushed all limits in this region. For 15 years, the machines in the printing house have become red from heat, from printing more and more copies, until they finally stopped at a staggering number of 400,000! Women in Serbia have made it clear that “Blic žena” is what they want, when the number reached one million readers per issue. Still, “Blic žena” even went a step further away from journalism and created an unbreakable bond with her audience ­– because she was there for each one of them. She has chosen 120 super women, heroines whose courage and destinies left Serbia speechless every year. She has sent hundreds of thousands of people to free systematic checkups, organized support workshops for women with cancer, donated wigs to them, donated more than 500 wedding dresses, prom and festive dresses, equipped thousands of homes… And “Blic žena” also never stopped spreading joy, so this year she also became a stork. She didn’t allow couples who tried everything to become parents to lose hope, she gave them one last chance and the world became a much nicer place thanks to baby Lara.

And while we’re talking about the marvelous force of youth, the most beautiful moment at the birthday celebration was exactly the introduction of fantastic girls from the “Born at the same time as Blic žena” campaign. With the chorus of the song “Who run the world – girls”, the girls appeared on stage, each of them the best in her field of expertise in Serbia, and all the same age as “Blic žena”. Emotions, hope, inspiration, love… All of this was mixed up within those fabulous girls that are the future of Serbia, a new feminine power in the years to come, that will grow and develop, together with “Blic žena”








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