Sep 04, 2019

“Blic zena” caravan excited visitors of Ada Ciganlija

Blic zena” caravans toured the whole of Serbia at one time, but in early September this caravan came for the first time to Belgrade, to Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade’s most popular picnic area.
Numerous readers and visitors of Ada enjoyed a wide variety of content: yoga classes, makeup school, nutritionist advice, natal chart interpretations, astro-workshop, as well as chatting with journalists of the most popular and beloved women’s magazine in Serbia.
– We know our readers well, we are constantly in touch, but socializing with them is valuable. They call us, write emails, but nothing can replace a living word and look face to face. That’s why we organize meetings like this because our readers are most sincere in telling us what bothers them or makes them happy. They can be critical, but they don’t spare words when they praise us. It is not immodest when we say that we love when they praise our current actions. One is celebratory, Born on the same day as “Blic zena” in which, on the eve of our fifteenth birthday, we present fifteen-year-olds who achieve remarkable results in various fields.
The second action, Blic zena in Serbian Households, shows how to live off agriculture in Serbia. How we like to say – on earth, from earth and from the view of the sky – said Sandra Subotin Cobanin, editor-in-chief of “Blic zena”.