Sep 13, 2019

BLIC is celebrating its 23rd birthday with a 100-page luxury edition

 The leading issue of the digital media company Ringier Axel Springer in Serbia, the daily newspaper “Blic”, will mark its 23rd birthday on Monday, September 16th, with a special 100th Birthday Luxurious Edition on glossy paper, as well as with a gift tickets to the ZOO.


“Blic” was created in 1996 and has been an integral part of the contemporary Serbian society ever since. More than eight thousand issues of the daily newspaper “Blic” are a historical testimony of the most important political, social, and economic changes, cultural achievements and sports results.


In the twenty-three years of the existence of ”Blic”, there were more than two decades of turbulent years for Serbia, encompassing the end of the last and beginning of this century, and we were their peers and choniclers. With more than 8,000 issues, bound hardcover collections of  „Blic“ are a kind of herbarium of political struggles, changes and their consequences, social issues,world turmoils. We have grown all these years, together with our readers, becoming more modernized, but always true to our values. We have made mistakes, but we rose above them and moved forwards. Without any pretense of awarding ourselves medals of merit for doing different things during the 23 years, it would nonetheless be unjust to not state that „Blic“, within our professional field of activity, played a huge role and helped to open the door towards truth, break away from fear and transmit the right message to the people. We will continue to fight!, says the editor-in-chief of “Blic” Predrag Mihailović.



Predrag Mihailovic, editor-in-chief Blic print

One of the greatest achievements of “Blic” is the “Blic Foundation” and the campaign “Heart towards children” which helped bring the necessary aid to the most vulnerable people in Serbia. Thanks to the “Blic Foundation”, during the six years of its existence, aproximately 500 children received relief all over Serbia, and devices for diagnosing hearing impairment in newborns were given to all 56 maternity hospital in Serbia, while 50 air conditioners were provided for 24 maternity hospitals. The only children’s eye ward in Serbia was revitalized, as well as the milk kitchen at the Institute for Mother and Child, the neurology ward at the Valjevo hospital, the gynecology ward and a part of the maternity ward in Vršac, the state-of-the-art ambulance was provided for the Bor hospital, but also equipment for children’s, thoracic and eye wards, and initiating campaings for those who need it the most is still ongoing.


Environmental awareness is also very important for “Blic”. That is why we launched the campaign “Let’s clean the rivers and lakes of Serbia” and during the two-month campaing, in July and August, we helped clean 11 rivers and five lakes. The plan is to continue with new campaigns from October.


“Blic” is a media sponsor of the most important sports associations, including the Olympic Committee of Serbia, as well as Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball and Water Polo associations of Serbia.


“Blic” cooperates and supports humanitarian organizations and initiatives that have the goal to help those who need it most, and it also collaborates with numerous cultural institutions, not to mention that it often provides gifts to its readers, having so far given 46 millions of copies of books.