Nov 23, 2020

Blic journalist awarded: with doctors on the first COVID-19 front line

Riniger Axel Springer Serbia journalist  Milica Marković was awarded for reporting from the red zones of COVID-19  hospitals.On the occasion of marking the Day of Reconciliation in the First World War, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, awarded decorations to deserving individuals and institutions in the fight against COVID-19.  Many prominent doctors and three media workers are among the winners.

Foto Zoran Ilic


There were 101 names on the list of award winners, and Ringier Axel Springer is especially proud of Milica, who was among the best.

– This recognition is another confirmation that Blic is with its readers even in the most difficult moments, and that it informs them in a timely manner about the real situation on the ground. Many thanks to my editorial office for the opportunity to do reports from covid hospitals and gain invaluable journalistic and life experience. Also, thank you to all colleagues who raise public awareness about the dangers of the corona virus, especially the great photo reporters who entered the red zones of hospitals with me and equally deserve the medal, said Milica.

Milica deserved the honor of being among the best with her daily efforts, reporting and numerous texts on the fight against the corona virus. On several occasions, she did reports from the red zone of the Kovid hospital in order to present to the readers of “Blic” in the right way the situation in which all those who are fighting on the front line find themselves.

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