Dec 02, 2021

Blic Foundation: the fourth house for socially endangered children

For Andjela (4) and Aleksandar Lazarevic (5) from Botunja near Brus, thanks to the successful Heart for Children campaign, which gathered people with big hearts, growing up without a mother in a house torn by the ravages of time, will be replaced by a warm family nest in which they will spend a carefree childhood.



On a glade in the village of Botunja, where there are more and more abandoned households, two children, a brother and a sister, Aleksandar (5) and Andjela (4), lived their lives, unfortunately very difficult, with their father. And after learning about the story of their dreams of a warm home, dry and clean walls painted in various colors, but also a refrigerator full of food, a bathroom that is not outside and a bathtub full of water, the Blic Foundation launched another humanitarian Heart for Children campaign. Very quickly, benefactors came with the desire to help and thanks to them, the house whose construction began a long time ago, while grandparents of the little kids were still alive, received a roof in just five months, and got equipped with furniture and appliances, and for Andjela and Aleksandar – a new life began.



The old shack, built from mud, reeds and wood, will remain as a memory of some past times, along with the stove which became black in the decades in which it warmed many generations, the worn-out pots that fed many hungry mouths, the old chairs they sat on, and the peeled cupboards in which they kept their things. And the Lazarevićs would like to forget the memory of bathing in a cold bathroom without water in which they had to bring heated water, as soon as possible.


Aware that cannot replace the ideal of a family together for Andjela and Aleksandar, we did what we could – provide them with a warm and comfortable home, as a basic condition for a carefree and happier childhood. Thanks to the donors and all the people with a big heart who set aside money or sent SMS messages, this campaign was also successfully completed. All those who want to contribute to the well-being of the most socially endangered children in Serbia in the future, are welcome to join the Heart for Children campaign and provide support to those who need it the most, said Ljiljana Knezevic, executive director of the Blic Foundation.


By the way, Lazarević’s house, whose handover was attended by Jelena Drakulic Petrovic, CEO of the Blic Foundation and Ringier Axel Springer, is the fourth that the foundation provided this year, thus enabling better conditions for 14 children, while it also collected 1,000,000 dinars for children from Zvecanska at the humanitarian auction of articles by Serbian Olympians, provided books for the Serbian library in Koper, Slovenia, and by the end of the year, an action is planned to help children from the Shelter.



How to support Heart for Children and help?

If you want to join the Blic Foundation and help children from socially disadvantaged families, you can:

– send an SMS to the humanitarian number 2552 (message price 100 dinars, valid for all networks)

– deposit funds to the Blic Foundation account:

– in dinars to: 325-9500500148315-93

– in euros to: 9601500148316 70

– in Swiss francs to: 9604500148318 49

– in dollars to: 9602500148317 62





About Blic Foundation


The Blic Foundation of the Ringier Axel Springer Serbia company was founded at the beginning of 2013, and thanks to the Heart for Children campaign, it:


– helped more than 500 children from socially disadvantaged families

– provided baby hearing screening devices in all 56 maternity hospitals in Serbia

– renewed the Department of Neurology at the Valjevo Hospital

– renovated the dairy kitchen at the Institute for Mother and Child

– renovated the only eye department for Children in Serbia

– provided 50 air conditioners for 24 maternity hospitals

– completely renovated the Gynecology in the hospital in Vršac and partly the maternity hospital

– equipped the children’s eye and chest departments of the hospital in Bor

– bought an ambulance, renovated the laundry…

– helped the Children’s Department of Neurosurgery of the Clinical Center of Serbia, where children suffering from the most severe forms of cancer are treated

– helps children who need financial help for treatment abroad

– solves housing issues of the most endangered children, so only in 2019, three houses were provided and a total of 13 children were taken care of

– donated 74,000 books for 400 schools and 175 kindergartens throughout Serbia as part of the Books for Children campaign