Jun 14, 2019

Blic Foundation action: Gligor family has got a new house

Within the humanitarian campaign “Heart for Children”, a seven-member family from Mokrin, after three weeks of publishing the text in Blic, got a completely new house.

Humanitarian action “Blitc Foundation” was launched after the knowledge that father Andras, Valentina’s mother and their children Ljubica (8), Andras (7), Nikola (5), Anastasia (4) and Violeta (2) live in a house without roof, door and electricity, in conditions impossible for life.

After publishing the article in “Blic” about the conditions in which this family lives, the donor, who wanted to remain anonymous, offered “Blic Foundation” to provide money for the purchase of the land and home for the Gligor family.

From now on Gligor’s family, instead of a roofless roof, will live in a modern and, first of all, a healthy environment. Ljubica, Andraš, Nikola, Anastasios and Violeta have today the conditions for life like most of their peers.

The keys to the house were handed over to them by Ljiljana Knezevic, executive director of “Blic Foundation”.