Apr 17, 2020

Blic exclusive interview with the Patriarch of Serbian Orthodox Church

In an exclusive Easter interview for the printed four-in-one edition of Blic, and the video interview, the patriarch sent a strong message to believers through the most circulated edition of Ringier Axel Springer Serbia-It is nice to come to church on big holidays, but this is an exceptional moment in our lives. We can pray to God in our homes too. I recommend that our people accept what the medical professionals say, and adher to their instructions.

In the interview for Blic, the influential leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church showed his clear attitude, which answered the question that has troubled many Orthodox believers in Serbia from the moment restrictions on movement and gathering of citizens were introduced due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus: how will Easter be celebrated in Serbia and what will the Easter liturgy look like, as well as the question of whether the curfew will be lifted on Sunday, the day of the Orthodox Easter, from 5 to 10 a.m.



The Daily News (Dnevnik) on national television, the RTS, which is the most-watched program on all channels, began on Wednesday night with the video interview from Blic, and part of Patriarch Irinej’s exclusive interview for Blic and his view that “God watches over those who watch over themselves” was also reported by most Serbian agencies and media, including the competitors, who were united in making the recommendations of the medical professionals and the state, which the church also agreed with for the sake of the safety of its believers, reach as many Serbian citizens as possible, which showed a great degree of social responsibility of Blic.