Dec 15, 2018

DMC round 3 starts in Belgrade including 10 graduates from Belgrade University

The third generation of the Digital Media Campus (DMC) started in Belgrade. In the coming months 13 senior students will go through intensive training specialized for creating digital media content and work in digital journalism.

The carefully selected 13 students are in their final year of journalism studies or have just finished their academic degree from Belgrade University. They come from the Faculty of Political Science, Faculty for Media and Communications Studies and Faculty of Philology.
What unites them all is a strong passion for journalism and their willingness to use new digital tools in their work. The goal of the DMC program is to enrich theoretical academic knowledge and to provide a practical insight into the daily work of modern media.
Students will be fully trained in writing skills as well in digital video and photo production,  creating news and media content for different channels in the age of modern technologies and social media. Marko Stjepanovic, Chief Editor at welcomed the DMC class, saying that “I don’t want to wish you luck because you do not need it here. Here you need energy and boldness. I’m asking you to know all journalistic rules and standards. The development of technology has a great influence on journalism, and we have to keep up with the time and technology, and constantly train ourselves for all digital media forms.”
In addition to providing skills, knowledge, and expertise in the field of digital media, the DMC also offers the opportunity for a job at Ringier Axel Springer Serbia. The company invests in new young talents and their development realizing how necessary that is for the future of a modern digital media company. Three of 13 new DMC students recently started to work as a junior journalist for Blic print and online edition.
One of them Suzana Lukovic said that first day of the DMC was very interactive and useful.
“I graduated in journalism, but it seems to me that during the studies we didn’t have this approach to news stories and media in general. I look forward to being part of the DMC because I’m sure it will help me a lot in my further work.”
The DMC intensive program covers all aspects of modern digital journalism, including storytelling and interview techniques, research methods, production of multimedia content, social media, mobile applications, digital marketing, analytics and tools for monitoring and optimizing digital content, audience behavior, journalistic standards and media law. Over the course of this program, the students will engage in activities at the RAS Serbia newsroom, where they will get acquainted with real-life cases.

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