exciting opportunities in many fields

Congratulations! To this stage, only about 10% of the applicants apply for the post. If you’ve been invited to a job interview, your experience and skills are interesting to us.

how to prepare for an interview?

Find out what Onet is, what we offer our users, how we are positioned in the market, how we work. We are your potential employer – it’s good to know more about the place where you will spend a large part of your day.

Remember the content of the announcement before the meeting. We will certainly ask you questions about the competences we expect. Imagine what the job of the person we are looking for and you will know what questions you can expect from us. Also consider what you will answer questions that will surely fall (including how much you would like to earn from when you could start work) and what you would like to know from us.

Come to the meeting at the fixed time. If you are unable to reach the meeting at an agreed time – let us know, we will definitely come up with something. The first impression is important. Remember that your dress should inspire our trust.

what can I ask during the interview?

About everything that matters to you when choosing a potential employer. It is definitely worth making sure your views on the position correspond to reality.

We do not guarantee the answer to every question – confidential information we keep for the people we submit a job offer.

how long will it the interview last?

It largely depends on the position you are applying for, but usually from 30 minutes to hours.

If we have a longer meeting (eg for group recruitment) we always inform you about this by inviting you to the meeting.

what to bring to meet with you?

Surely a good mood 🙂 If we need something more than that (eg references, certificates), we will certainly let you know by inviting you to the meeting.

who will attend?

At the meeting, you will meet with HR and / or your potential future boss. Inviting you to the meeting will tell you whose name you should call when you get to the office.

how long does the whole process take?

The average duration of the recruitment process is about a month, but it varies from job to job. Regardless of the result of the recruitment, you will definitely receive feedback from us. The person conducting the interview will tell you how long we will take the decision.

If for any reason the process prolongs, we will let you know. If you are anxious to get the information in advance, mark it on the call – we will definitely take that into account.