Nov 05, 2019

The “Blic” Foundation built a house for the Petrović family from Žitkovac

Five little ones from the Petrović family – Marija (14), Miljana (13), Marko (8), Miloš (6) and Ksenija (2) have moved in together with their parents today to a new 90-square-metre house built and equipped by the “Blic” Foundation.


After an unsettling news report in “Blic” about the terrible conditions in which five children of the Petrović family from Žitkovac near Aleksinac grew up, who lived in severe scarcity in a ruined mud house, things changed for the better. Donor Bratislav Gašić provided the little ones with a home, and people of good will, through the “Blic” Foundation, enabled its complete refurbishment. Keys from the new home were handed to the Petrović family by the director of the media house Ringier Axel Springer and of the “Blic” Foundation, Jelena Drakulić Petrović.


“The house in Žitkovac is the third house donated by the “Blic” Foundation this year. One house was renovated, one was bought, and this is a house that was built from the ground up and furnished in less than three months. Marija Petrović, a fifteen-year-old girl and the oldest child in the family, despite difficult living conditions, is a straight A student and is currently in Niš at a boarding school. “Today, our heart is bursting with joy. Children, the future generations of our country, especially when so hard-working and gifted, are the very reason why it is wonderful to work in the media and initiate actions such as “Heart for the Children” and why it is necessary to bring together people of good will who have the resources, capabilities and desire, and most of all a big heart, to do things like this,” said Jelena Drakulić Petrović, the Director of the “Blic” Foundation and Ringier Axel Springer Serbia.

How to help?

All people of good will who wish to help children can send an SMS from Serbia to the phone number 2552 or to donate money in RSD to the current account of the “Blic” Foundation: 2750010221949709 90, or to foreign currency accounts: 10221949724 45 – for payments in Euros; 10221949711 84 – for payments in Swiss francs and 10221949717 66 – for payments in dollars, at Societe Generale Serbia, Belgrade.

About the “Blic” Foundation
The Ringier Axel Springer Serbia’s “Blic” Foundation was founded in early 2013. So far, through a series of humane actions, it has helped more than 500 children from socially disadvantaged families. Through the “Heart for the Children” campaign it provided baby hearing aids in all 56 maternity hospitals in Serbia, renovated the Department of Neurology at the Valjevo Hospital, the Milk Kitchen at the Institute for Mother and Child, as well as the only children’s eye ward in Serbia, provided 50 air conditioners for 24 maternity wards, completely renovated the gynecology ward at the hospital in Vršac, partially restored the maternity ward at the same hospital, equipped the children’s, the eye and the toracic ward of the hospital in Bor, purchased an ambulance, refurbish the laundry room… The “Blic” Foundation helps the Children’s Neurosurgery Department of the Clinical Center of Serbia, which treats children suffering from the most severe forms of cancer, as well as children who need financial assistance for treatment abroad. Selflessly engaged, it helps the most vulnerable categories by solving housing issues, refurbishing existing buildings or constructing new ones. Just in 2019 we secured three homes, resolving housing issues for a total of 13 children. This year, the “Blic” Foundation launched the campaign “Books for Children” and donated 74,000 books to 400 schools and 175 kindergartens across Serbia. More details about the “Heart for the Children” campaign can be found HERE.