Sep 23, 2019

Over 120 experts from all over the world at the Business Insider Trends Festival

Business Insider TRENDS FESTIVAL 2-3 October in Warsaw

The Business Insider TRENDS FESTIVAL, an international conference addressing global market trends will be discussed, will be held in Warsaw on 2-3 October 2019. During the event, world-class experts will talk about how the contemporary world of finance, media, new technologies, medicine and health is changing and what will be the talk of the town in the years to come. Over 120 speakers will be presenting on 4 themed stages: Business 4.0, Global Economy, Life Science and Media and Marketing. The event will be held at the Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw. The conference is organised by Business Insider Polska.

The first stage will address issues related to Global Economy, the second stage is Life Science,  the third – Business 4.0 and the fourth – Media and Marketing. Each features presentations by invited speakers, debates, as well as workshops and themed sections.

One of the renowned speakers invited to the conference is Henry Blodget, Business Insider founder, who will open the first day of the Business Insider TRENDS FESTIVAL with his speech, and Hannes Schmid, a millionaire, photographer and philanthropist, founder of Smiling Gecko.  The second day of the Business Insider TRENDS FESTIVAL will be opened by Zev Siegl, co-founder of Starbucks and Taavi Kotka, Estonia’s first minister responsible for digital transformation. The agenda for the second day of the conference also included presentations by Pascal Kaufman, neurobiologist and AI expert, and Mark T. Hoffmann, criminologist and business psychologist.

An important part of the Global Economy stage is the themed section devoted to China. It will be chaired by Jacob Lovén and Tom Xiong, producers from Den Digitala Draken – the biggest Scandinavian podcast on technologies novelties straight from China and one of the biggest English-language podcast in the world addressing these issues. The speakers will discuss how innovations from Asia, mainly China are changing the world and how these can be merged with trends emerging around the world and what impact they could have on the Western world. Another speaker to present in the China section is Haiwen Chen of Alibaba and Tingting Fang of JudyDoll.

On the Life Science stage, attendants will learn what VUCA world is all about and why the Finiish word “sisu” is sexy and how can the nutrition programme of Borussia Dortmund footballers be applied in effective management. These and other topics related to current management trends and challenges will be debated on by speakers from Poland and abroad. The Life Science stage will also host Igor Bogicevic of Seven Bridges, author of IT solutions and biotechnological trends, Anna Wójcicka of Warsaw Genomics and Uros Sikimic of 3Lateral’s and Vanessa Oertzen-Hagemann, expert on nutrition at Borussia Dortmund FC, and Rob Blackie of RBDS with his speech “Effective Communication by Donald Trump – How to Move the World Economy with a Tweet and How to Defend Youself Against It”.

Another topic to be discussed on the Life Science stage is leadership in business as part of the Leadership themed section. Other speakers in this section include Ylva M Andersson of May Strategies with the “Are you ready to take decision in 208 sec.?” presentation and John Lynch who will talk about how leadership can save business and change lives.

On the Business 4.0 stage attendants will be able to see and listen to Ingo Ruebe of BOTLabs, a company working towards the democratization of the Internet and the regaining of trust in it; Sonia Wędrychowicz, digital transformation leader with 25-years of experience in Europe, Asia and the USA and Rafał Kukliński of Amazon Web Service.


The Media and Marketing stage will bring together experts in marketing and communication from all over the world. Speakers include Lars Silberbauer of MTV (Viacom) who will talk about the new generation of influencer marketing; Gerard Crichlow of BBDO who has global experienve in public relations, digital media, social media and brand and cultural strategy; Dawid Szczepaniak of VML who will present the most famous ad campaigns shaping the future of communication about women and addressed to women, as well as Michał Rejent and Eliza Minetti (PLNY LALA) with their talk entitled “Why Women Love to Hate Pink”.

There is a special Women Power section planned on the Media and Marketing stage. The entire Media and Marketing stage is supported by Impact Day – a must-attend event for any marketer creating opportunities for raising competence, sharing experience and meeting outstanding experts in marketing and media. The Women Power section will focus on women in marketing communication and will encourage the conference attendants and speakers to debate about the prevailing trends in contemporary communication addressed to women in Poland and abroad. Participants of the panel discussion will talk about, based on the latest research, how businesses can shape their strategy to effectively reach diverse groups of female consumers and build their loyalty.

Detailed agenda you can find HERE



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