Jul 02, 2019

Diplomas awarded to the 4th generation of DMC: We are happy for this chance, we have learned a lot

Participants of the fourth generation of the Digital Media Campus (DMC), which is organising by “Ringier Axel Springer” (RAS) for young journalists, successfully completed the first part of the training in the field of digital media and for which they received diplomas on ceremony on Friday.

The best students will soon be able to show what they have learned on the quarterly practice in the Blic editorial office, which is the second part of a six-month educational program for young journalists.

– Beside new friendships and great time spent with other students, DMC has brought me new knowledge in the field of digital marketing which will be very useful to me in my further improvement. I liked the most the workshops about creation of videos and about fake news. I think there are less and less free and professional courses for young people, so I’m glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of this – says Maria Petrović, one of the campus students.

The students were supported by many journalists and editors of “Ringier Axel Springer” at the ceremony on the occasion of awarding the diplomas, and the director of publishing Sreten Radovic addressed the guests.

– I want to welcome you and congratulate you on this success. Also, I wish you to use what you’ve learned here to improve your knowledge through next three months of practice, or through some new jobs later. You have learned about the digital world on this program and you will recognise whether it has intrigued you enough to stay in the media and to continue to develop yourself or you will realize that it is not as interesting as you thought it would be. I sincerely hope that it will be the first scenario – said Radovic thanking to all the lecturers and the rest of the editorial team of the RAS.

Ringier Axel Spirnger once again showed the responsibility when it comes to the future of the media in Serbia by recognising the need for such a training program for future journalists in the field of digital media.

– We are proud that we are the only one in Serbia who is educating future journalists in this way and that our management with great investments recognised the need for such a program. We are looking forward to the next generation – said Nenad Jaćimović, deputy editor in chief of “Blic online” and one of the chief executives of Digital Media Campus.

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Video from the diploma award to the 4th generation of DMC