Nov 28, 2022

CRTA research: Blic is the most trusted media in Serbia

Citizens in Serbia are mostly informed about political and social issues through television (62 percent) and web portals (40 percent). Among internet portals and newspapers, citizens follow the most, and they also trust Blic the most, according to the latest public opinion survey by the Centre for Research, Transparency, and Accountability (CRTA).

CRTA states that they conducted the research independently and for their own needs.


Which website do Serbian citizens use the most to get information?

When asked by the researchers to choose the main web portal through which they get information about political and social issues, the majority of citizens that took part in the CRTA research chose the Blic website, ahead of N1info, Nova and Danas.


Which newspapers do citizens of Serbia read the most?

When it comes to daily newspapers, the research by CRTA has shown that among the citizens who get information about political and social issues through newspapers, those who read Blic are in the majority. Blic is followed by Politika, Informer, Vecernje Novosti and Danas.


Who do the citizens of Serbia trust the most?

When asked to choose the newspaper they trust the most, again the largest number of citizens that took part in the CRTA research chose Blic.

Blic is followed by Danas, Vecernje novosti, Kurir and Politika. Over a quarter of citizens stated that they do not trust any print media (29 percent).

CRTA states that it is interesting that trust, on the one hand, and newspaper readership, on the other, are not consistent, except in the case of Blic, which is first on both lists according to the opinion of the surveyed citizens.

When it comes to TV channels, citizens get the most information through RTS, which they trust the most (42 percent), followed by N1, Happy and Pink.

How the research was done

CRTA stated that during the research, data was collected through face-to-face interviews with computer support and that the target population was the adult citizens of Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija.

The research was conducted on a sample of 1,000 respondents, and the margin of error is in the range of 3.16 percent. The confidence interval is 95 percent, according to CRTA.

“The survey lasted 31 minutes on average, and the entire research lasted 11 days in the period from September 24 to October 3,” stated CRTA.