Jul 31, 2019

Blic panel discussion: energy efficiency and proper use of electricity

Blic panel discussion on “Energy efficiency and proper use of electricity” was held in media company Ringier Axel Springer. Panelists were Radovan Stanić, Director of Electricity Supply in EPS; Miloš Banjac, Assistant Minister for Mining and Energy, Sector for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources; Jovanka Atanacković, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Civil Engineering, Transport and Infrastructure, and Aleksandar Jovović, full professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The panel was moderated by Suzana Lakić, editor of Blic Biznis online.

As Assistant Minister of Mines and Energy Miloš Banjac pointed out, the new rules should ban the use of some of the energy-inefficient products, and they are primarily focused on reducing their imports. An old light bulb with a glowing thread will no longer be used in Serbia from the middle of next year, he said.

“The bulb with a glowing thread consumes 5 times more energy than a neon, and even 10 times more than a LED bulb, so this decision will significantly affect the energy efficiency,” Banjac pointed out.

“Electric Power Industry of Serbia has a clear interest in supporting energy efficiency, because we are the main supplier and distributor of electricity in our country, so that reliable supply of users is our priority. Also, consumers can save money through more responsible behavior and use energy-efficient devices , to reduce their monthly bills by 10 to 15 percent, so I think that it is obvious that interest is mutual, “said Radovan Stanić from EPS, adding that the citizens’ electricity bill in July will have a new cost in the form of a tax for improving energy efficiency , but that this is a minimum amount.