Jul 15, 2019

Blic Foundation awarded a plaque for the contribution to the progress of Serbia


At the ceremonial event “Days of Misic” in Mionica, general director “Ringier Axel Springer Serbia”, Jelena Drakulic Petrovic was awarded a plaque for prominent humanitarian and donor work of the “Blic Foundation”.


The cultural and historical event “Days of Misic” in honor of the great Serbian military commander Zivojin Misic for the vivid memories of future generations on the Duke and his brave soldiers, under the auspices of Mionica municipality, is held for the 23rd time. The ceremonial ceremony was opened by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in the Government of Serbia, Branislav Nedimovic.


At the opening ceremony of “Days of Misic”, the Mayor of Municipality Mionica Boban Jankovic presented the highest recognitions of the Municipality of Mionica “Great Gold Plaques with the image of Duke Zivojin Misic” to members of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense. This year’s winners of the “Great Gold Plaques” are Lieutenant-General doc. Dr Radovanovic Goran, Rector of the University of Defense of the MoD and Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Usljebrka, the first in the ranks of the 62nd class of the General Staff Development of the National Defense School of the Military Academy.


The plaques with the coat of arms of the Municipality of Mionica for a comprehensive contribution to the progress of Serbia were allocated to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Branislav Nedimovic, the general director of the company “Ringier Axel Springer Serbia” Jelena Drakulic Petrovic for the “Blic Foundation”, then the contingent in retirement to Bosko Antic for 46 years of scientific, and publicist work, for the achieved results and achievements in performing command, operational and educational duties and the Charity Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church “Humanity” for humanitarian and donor activities in the territory of the Municipality of Mionica.


The plaque awarded to our house was taken over by Ljiljana Knezevic, executive director of the humanitarian organization “Blic Foundation”.