Jun 18, 2019

“Blic” envirometal action: Let’s clean the rivers and lakes of Serbia

Tons and tons of the most diverse garbage, among which the leading bottles of plastic bottles, bags and other PVC packaging, floating on rivers and lakes all over Serbia, showing the best of our attitude towards nature and the environment. Floating landfills seriously endanger the living world in the waters, but they also represent a huge blunder and send a very negative picture of Serbia to the world.

Because of that, “Blic” decided to launch a large environmental action called “Let’s clean the rivers and lakes of Serbia”, all with the aim of removing the waste from river and lake beds and posting it where it is located – to landfills.

“We can not do it ourselves. We need the help of all of you. From institutions responsible for watercourses, through local self-governments, environmental associations, to you, citizens, students, students. We invite you to join the “Blic” campaign, as already done by 15 local self-governments” said Predrag Mihailović, EiC Blic.